Life in Lockdown – COVID-19 Book Project

Derbyshire Voluntary Action are working on an exciting project to publish a book ‘Life in Lockdown’, documenting the Covid-19 Pandemic as seen through the eyes of Chesterfield and surrounding areas residents…but we really need your help in doing this.

As an organisation Derbyshire Voluntary Action proudly supports hundreds of voluntary sector organisations and community groups. We are passionate about championing the work of the community and its volunteers. We are incredibly proud of our strong working relationship with Public Health, NHS, local businesses, and our funders. With this in mind we feel truly able to make a powerful book that represents how our community has responded to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Charlotte Higgins, who is leading the project said “The young, the elderly, volunteers, health care workers, survivors of Covid-19 and the bereaved… everyone has their own unique story that deserves to be told and preserved for future generations. Volunteers can put in to words why they felt compelled to give their time, how attitudes have changed towards the community they live in and what next? How small businesses have adapted and been hugely resourceful in order to survive but in many cases became a crucial life line for local people. Photographs capturing special moments of hand clapping, rainbows in the windows, VE day celebrations on the drive, emotional reunions and exhausted masked care workers. The first-hand accounts of Covid-19 survivors and the agony of relatives unable to bring comfort to loved ones.”

“It’s our way of giving back to the community whilst singing the praises of those unsung heroes”

Submissions are welcome from amateur and professional artists, poets, photographers, creative writers, crafters and song writers. Allow your creativity to record your experience, the ups and the downs, the feelings of isolation and let’s not forget the heart-warming stories, the acts of kindness and elements of lockdown we may not want to lose! This book aims to celebrate how we rose to an unprecedented challenge and showed that community spirit is alive and kicking.

The ‘Life in Lockdown’ book will be for sale to the public with the proceeds going towards supporting local charities or the community.

To make the book a reality we are hoping to raise funds to cover the publishing, marketing and distribution costs for the initial run of 500 copies. 

How you can help make the ‘Life In lockdown’ book a reality

1. Contribute to the book by submitting content – this could be a photograph, a story, art work or a poem etc. Find out how to get your work featured in the book on our website –

2. Donate £1 or whatever you can afford to help fund the book through our fundraising page –

3. Share our fundraising page with your family and friends –

4. Share the hashtag #lifeinlockdownchesterfield on your social media

We hope you will join us and be part of our ‘Life in Lockdown’ journey, and be instrumental in not only preserving history for future generations, but at this time of need, help provide a therapeutic outlet and something for us all to look forward to.

If you have any questions, or would like further information about the ‘Life in Lockdown’ book project please contact Charlotte Higgins on 07907 484835 or

How to submit your work

With your permission the work you submit may be featured in the Covid-19 book, our Network magazine, Derbyshire Voluntary Action website’s COVID 19 page, social media platforms and when it is safe to do so, an event for us all to meet and view the array of submissions.

By submitting your contribution you are agreeing to its publication and distribution, space will be limited in the book and therefore Derbyshire Voluntary Action reserve the right to edit that submission. 

If you would like to submit an image please ensure images are taken in a good light, in focus and not taken from social media but sent directly from your phone/camera/computer and send them to this Dropbox account:

If you submit images to Dropbox could you also email so that we know who you are.

Any other submissions can be emailed to or posted to Charlotte Higgins, Derbyshire Voluntary Action, Offices 2a – 2c, The Market Hall, Chesterfield S40 1AR