Directors Urgently Sought: Monkey Park CIC

An exciting Community Interest Company seeks knowledgeable directors to drive this significant project forwards. The community of Monkey Park in Chesterfield is changing and growing; you could take an active part in shaping its future.

Monkey Park directors will have the exciting opportunity to push these projects forwards and see Monkey Park thrive and flourish. You will join a team who are tackling the challenge of loneliness, isolation and deprivation living side to side with more affluent people.

This is a unique opportunity to use your skills and learn new ones to have a massive impact on the successful future of Monkey Park CIC. The current Board of directors is now looking for four new directors with the following skillsets.

Secretary: A director who is knowledgeable about planning and scheduling regular meetings, including keeping track of policies and policy reviews. Someone who can develop an efficient and on-going Calendar of meetings and agendas.
Social Impact director: A director who is dedicated to measuring the impact of Monkey Park activities, using a mixture of case histories, statistics and communication strategies.
Community Fundraiser: A director who can raise money in partnership with the local community eg sponsorship, crowd funding, etc. The money raised could then be used to implement what the local community want.
Community engagement/development: A director who is dedicated to community engagement and involvement, community organising, empowering community co-design and enabling grassroots leadership programmes.

All directors will be provided with full training and support for their roles.

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