Reply To: New Hub Funding

Simon Redding

    Hi Brian,
    I’m not sure of your current status – do you have a space, work in a space, meet up in a coffee shop / on benches on the main street?
    For each stage of your development you’ll need to show you’re delivering something that makes a difference. The first thing to work out is what you need funding for – shaping your journey into projects and being able to explain how they will each make a discernable difference to your community. For example, a first step might be to form an organisation, get insurance and run a community event that will bring people together & boost their wellbeing. However, you might already have done all that & are wanting to rent / buy / transfer your own space / building, which is a completely different need for funding.
    Let us know a bit more about where you’re currently at & perhaps we could all help with some suggestions & pointers…