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        We held 4 online meetings during June with a focus on reaching out to each region. The regions were twinned so the session ran for: Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire, High Peak and Derbyshire Dales, Erewash and South Derbyshire, Amber Valley and Derby City.
        Invites were sent via the Derbyshire Hubs Network mailing list and promoted online on X and Facebook.
        The varied attendance at the meetings gave us a useful insight into the visibility of the Hubs Network in each region. Useful conversations were held at each meeting and it was great to see connections being made between those that attended. An example would be between Simon Redding and James Aspinall who will be discussing supporting Spirites Trust’s activity in the High Peak area.
        Every time we come together connections are made!

        The Network has seen lots of interest from supporter and stakeholder organisations who are very keen to make connections with Community Hubs. There is enthusiasm from many organisations to make strong connections with communities and they are seeing Community Hubs as an ideal place to begin this. This shows that interest is growing in including community voices in the delivery of services, and that Hubs are essential to support these endeavours.

        A challenge we are seeing is discovering and connecting with Community Hubs across the large area that this project covers. The geography of Derbyshire covers a large area and developing connections across the whole region will take time. Attendees at the meetings agreed that a very effective approach would be for the network to be promoted by word of mouth. Those hubs and organisations which are already involved would be best placed to bring the network to the attention of others and help the network to grow. So it’s over to you! Please share our website, forum and social media platforms (X, Facebook) The most effective step would be to get the Community Hubs on our mailing list. Ask them to contact or pass their contact details to us directly and we’ll reach out.

        Next steps: Regional Face to Face events. If you are a Community Hub that would like to host a regional 1/2 day event then get in touch. If you’d like to get involved by offering to share your skills, knowledge or experience of being involved in Community Hubs then get in touch. We would love to hear from you and get you involved.
        Following soon…FUNDING GRANTS. Make sure that you are on our mailing list to hear about the funding grants which will soon be available. Email

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