Join our Board of Trustees

Why Become a Trustee at Derbyshire Voluntation Action?

This is an exciting time to join Derbyshire Voluntary Action as we move into our fourth decade and a new chapter of our history.  We are seeking to enhance our current Board by broadening the sectors represented by its membership – so that we can bring our plans to develop cross-sector, joined-up working to life.  We offer an opportunity for local community-minded people and professionals to ‘give something back’ to their communities in a rewarding and impactful way.

At this time we would like to attract Trustees with the following skill sets and/or relevant past experience:

Business Development to help us create long-term value from our activities, utilising our existing and future relationships, customers and markets. To help us explore income generation opportunities from our current activities and develop those in the future.

Marketing and Brand Management: To support the organisation to raise its profile and brand awareness in the region and to support the operations team to take a more strategic approach in its marketing.

VCS Group Development skills will help ensure that we can continue to understand and provide best value service to our voluntary and community sector groups.

Lean Management experience to help us create value as an organisation to our members and customers by optimising our resources. Due to the nature of our funding we have had to be opportunists and this has enabled us to thrive and grow as an organisation. Whilst we wish to retain our adaptability and innovative approach we realise the need to find a balance so that we can continue to deliver high quality service and be as impactful as possible. A trustee with experience of lean management would help the organisation to evolve strategically and increase capacity.

Digital skills will help the organisation to make best use of resources and think creatively about future opportunities, as well as remaining innovative in a fast-changing world.

In addition to these areas we are also looking for a finance professional to become our new Treasurer.  The Treasurer will support the Board to carry out their financial duties. They will oversee and help to prepare the annual accounts and work closely with the operational team to ensure good financial management.

Do you fit the bill?

We want our Board to be supportive of our work and passionate about the voluntary sector.  Are you:

  • A Strategic Thinker: ability to think and plan strategically
  • A Team Player: ability to work collaboratively as part of a team and to reach consensus-driven collective decisions
  • A Contributor: – to participate in discussions in an open, honest and creative way and provide constructive challenge when you feel it’s needed
  • ‘Hands-On’: – willingness to contribute and participate at a practical level on an occasional basis
  • Have the Back of the Chief Exec – ability to work supportively and constructively with the Chief Executive Officer
  • A Giver: able to give (just enough) time, goodwill and commitment to Derbyshire Voluntary Action

For an informal discussion and to find out more contact Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s Chair, Julie Dixon: