Let’s get connected campaign

Derbyshire County Council have a developed a campaign to raise awareness about the positive benefits to mental wellbeing of social connectedness.
What can you do?
Visit the Derbyshire County Council page on Tackling Loneliness. This has information for the key agencies in each Borough/District that leads the social connectedness approach. You could promote these local agencies or link with them with ideas or support. https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/social-health/health-and-wellbeing/mental-health-and-wellbeing/tackling-loneliness/tackling-loneliness.aspx  
Social Media
Derbyshire County Council will issue new posts every day from the 9th to 15th May on their social media accounts. Please share and promote these.  
Facebook – DerbyshireCC
Twitter – DerbyshireCC 
LLBD Facebook – DerbyshirePublicHealth               
Twitter – DCCPublicHealth 
Posters and Flyers
Derbyshire County Council have developed these for you to share electronically or to print off and put up.
Let’s get connected poster 1
Let’s get connected poster 2
Let’s get connected leaflet