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Take Hosting Collaborative Events to the next level

Boost your skills with Training and Tea – Hosting Collaborative Events series.
Do you want to explore what makes collaboration work? Do you want to ensure your collaborative events are not just successful, but memorable and impactful? Then join us for a series of enlightening and practical sessions of Training and Tea!

What is Training and Tea?

‘Training and Tea’ is a bite-sized learning series designed to provide valuable insights and practical skills to enhance the capabilities of those working in the voluntary and community sector. We asked you which areas you wanted to see covered to make the most difference to your group or organisation, and here it starts here.

This series focuses on the art of planning activities and designing successful formats for collaborative events.

Why You Should Attend

Learn the Essentials of hosting a collaborative event: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements that make collaboration successful. From the initial planning stages to the execution, this series covers it all.

Virtual vs. In-Person Events: Discover the critical differences between virtual and in-person events. Learn how to leverage the unique advantages of each format to engage your audience effectively.

Know Your Audience: Understand the importance of audience analysis and tailoring your event to meet their needs and expectations. A well-targeted event is a successful event!

Who Should Attend?

This training is open to all members of the voluntary and community sector in Derbyshire. Whether you’ve run collaborative events already, or are new to the idea, this session promises to deliver actionable insights and practical tips.

FREE* for Community, Voluntary or Third Sector organisations & groups in Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire provided by Derbyshire Voluntary Action. We are particularly keen to welcome participants who work within community hubs.

Benefits of Attending

Expert Guidance: Receive expert advice from experienced trainers at Derbyshire Voluntary Action who understand the nuances of successful collaboration in the community sector.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and build a network of supportive peers. Collaborative learning and networking are key components of this session.

Free for Members: This invaluable training is offered free of charge to members of the voluntary and community sector in Derbyshire. It’s our way of supporting the incredible work you do for our communities. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member please get in touch here.

Event Booking

Training and Tea: Hosting Collaborative Events: Planning

Training and Tea: Hosting Collaborative Events: Facilitation

Training and Tea: Hosting Collaborative Events: Digital Tools

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance the way you see collaboration, and ensure your next event is a resounding success. Click the links above to register today and secure your place.

At Derbyshire Voluntary Action, we believe in the power of well-planned, collaborative events to bring communities together, foster connections, and drive positive change. Training and Tea is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to create impactful events that resonate with your audience.

We are excited to welcome you to this training session and look forward to seeing how you’ll use these new skills to benefit your communities. So, grab your cup of tea, and join us for an insightful and enjoyable learning experience.

Ready to boost what you get out of collaboration? Register now for the Training and Tea, and take the first step towards creating unforgettable collaborative events. Let’s make your next event one to remember!