Safe re-opening of village and community halls

Re-opening your hall safely – what you need to know, what you need to do! 

The aim of this session is to provide a ‘re-cap’ of the latest ACRE guidelines for the safe re-opening of village and community halls post COVID-19 closures in response to the new ‘4 Step Roadmap to recovery.’ 

This session falls between Step 2 – which will start on 12th April and Step 3 – which is scheduled to start on 17th May. By then, most halls will be open for those activities permitted by the ‘roadmap’ whilst taking the necessary measures to open halls up to bookings by groups, clubs and the wider community at Step 3.

Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss specific issues of concern and share their experience of managing the gradual re-opening and easing of restrictions.

You can book a place on the Rural Action Derbyshire website HERE