Save Our Sector – Sign the Petition

Please sign this petition and be one of the 800 people to help support and save our vital voluntary and community services.

Derbyshire County Council is proposing cuts to discretionary funding. This means that key local charities and community organisations which support the health and wellbeing of residents are in danger of closure.

At risk are services supporting mental health provision, befriending and lunch clubs, day centres, funding for community groups and important support for charities.

Thousands of people who live life with poor physical and mental health, learning difficulties, loneliness and isolation will be left without vital support. Particularly affected will be older people, marginalised communities and the most vulnerable in our society.

Derbyshire Voluntary Action are asking the Council to debate in full any proposed cuts to discretionary funding and consider the significant impact to communities if services are reduced.

Please sign the petition to voice your concern for the lives of our neighbours.


We think is it important that a discussion takes place regarding the catastrophic affects to our communities and services if these cuts happen.

If this petition receives 800 signatures this should mean:

  • The council will have to debate about the decision to cut funding
  • Refer the petition to the relevant Cabinet Member or Full Council for consideration

The VCSE are part of the solution, not the problem.

To learn more about the proposed cuts please visit