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Help your family, local community, and the people you support, to stay safe.
Use this form to send us your questions and feedback about what is and isn’t working in your community.

1. In the box below you can tell us about things like:

  • Information and stories that you hear or see about coronavirus in your local community or on social media that you’re not sure are true, and would like us to check out.
  • Ways people are behaving that could be putting community protection from the virus at risk.
  • Myths and fake news that is circulating in your local networks and on social media.
  • Worries about having a Covid-19 vaccine and the concerns that are making people decide not to have it.
  • Reasons some people with Covid-19 symptoms are choosing not to get a test.
  • Experiences, bad and good, about being tested, getting vaccinated, having Covid-19, and/or spending time in hospital.
  • Your ideas about ways in which we can recover from the current lockdown in our own local communities.
  • Anything else relating to coronavirus in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire.

You can tell us about just one thing, or several.

    If you answered Yes to Question 3 or 4, please tell us your email address or telephone number, so we can get in touch with you.

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