Feeling Connected

‘Social Connectedness’ is about a person’s social support network – their personal relationships and interactions with others that make them feel good and bring them happiness.
The ‘Feeling Connected’ project wants to find out about social connectedness in North East Derbyshire and Chesterfield.  We want to understand how we can help people who feel lonely and isolated to make more and better social connections.
Over the next four months we will consult and engage with local residents, groups and organisations, and community venues, so we can:

– raise the profile of the benefits of being socially connected

– raise awareness of existing services which support social connectedness

– identify current provision

– identify where targeted interventions could help

– identify interventions, initiatives and activities which help people to feel socially connected and which could be further supported and developed in North East Derbyshire and Chesterfield.

For more information contact Derbyshire Voluntary Action: 01246 555908 / julia@dva.org.uk

Stage 1 of our engagement is with local residents.

Stage 2 is coming soon!