Community Champions

Help your family, local community, and the people you support, to stay safe.

Have your say in how we respond to and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Community Champions:   

  1. Receive the latest information, updates and advice about Covid-19Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s regular e-bulletins contain the latest local information about vaccinations, testing and ways to support your wellbeing. Sign up to receive our Community Champions Bulletins here
  2. Share the information with other people in their community in whatever ways they want. This could be conversations with family and friends, via social media or any other way they choose.  Follow Derbyshire Voluntary Action on Facebook @Covid-19 Connect and on Twitter @dva_info to see our latest Covid-19 messages.
  3. Let us know what is and isn’t working in their community so we can make sure we respond together in the way that will work best in Chesterfield and North East DerbyshireYou can call us on 01246 555908, email or click here to contact us online.  We send feedback and a list of community questions to our partners at Public Health every Monday.


Want to keep up to date on how the Covid-19 vaccination programme is progressing in Derbyshire?  Read Joined Up Care Derbyshire’s daily vaccination bulletin here:

Your health and wellbeing

It’s never been more important to take of ourselves and each other.  Read more about where to find help if you need it here:

Read more about Community Champions across the county, here: