Warm Spaces

You can find a list of Warm Spaces venues on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Don’t forget that settings such as libraries, sports centres and supermarkets will continue to be open and offer seating areas and café’s where people can go to be warm.

A Google map has been developed by the Chesterfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership that includes all the key information you need to know about where the warm spaces in Chesterfield are located and what is on offer. Each of the spaces is free to access and everyone is welcome to drop in. See the Warm Spaces google map here.

Bolsover CVS are currently collating a directory of Warm Spaces within Bolsover so that anyone that needs them can find places to go for warmth and welcome.
If your venue or organisation can offer a Warm Space please fill in the form on the website to submit your provision. They do not have to be free, but should be affordable for all and there should be no minimum spend, other than the nominal entry fee (if you have one).

Submit your plans here: https://www.bcvs.org.uk/warmspacesform
View current Warm Spaces here: www.bcvs.org.uk/bolsoverwarmspaces