Let’s chat bench signs

DVA are looking for anyone who has a bench and would be happy to have a Let’s Chat (Feeling Connected) plaque on it. This could be in a public place, community group venue, community park, sports venue etc. The focus of this campaign is to get people to chat and to communicate more.
The plaques are A5 size, made from Clear Polycarbonate, and trimmed and rounded with holes in each corner for easy fitting. These are long lasting signs which should last quite a while to ensure we can keep this message going.

We will be asking anyone that takes a free plaque: 

  • Where the signs will be. This can be sent over as a Google location, Park name or Street name. We will use this information to create a bench map which people can use to find their closest bench or find others.

Derbyshire County Council are providing the signs, via DVA free of charge.  

Attaching them will be down to the bench owners. Advice from the manufacturer is that fixings are with metal cable ties. (Signs will have 4 predrilled holes for fixing). In terms of accessibility, there is a QR code and website address to make the text in the space we have stand out more. Within the QR code and weblink are details of local support organisations. There are no direct line phone numbers for people to call.

If you have a bench in Chesterfield or North East Derbyshire and would like a bench sign, you can collect one from The Hub @ Low Pavement (61-63 Low Pavement, Chesterfield S40 1PB, generally open Monday – Thursday, 10am – 3pm) or email info@dva.org.uk to arrange collection.

You can find where all of the Let’s Chat benches are located on this google map.