Chesterfield Shared Space & Hub: progress in a different world

Chesterfield Shared Space & Hub Project: ways to progress
(temporary name)

On Wednesday February 5th 2020, an enthusiastic & creative session was held at St Helena Campus, University of Derby, Chesterfield on the possibilities for a ‘Shared Hub or Space’ for the community in Chesterfield.

There was a wonderfully inspired response to this proposal which was recorded in a summary report here.

Of course COVID19 threw this project temporarily off course as most ideas were based on a physical hub.  But we won’t let go of this opportunity for collective growth!

Since then we’ve picked up where we left off and channelled that first great energy into new ways for the community sector to benefit from a collective approach.  Here are three steps forward: 

A Name for the project: – over to you please!!  Please reply to this email with your ideas for a name.
A Facebook Group – this will follow the choice of a name.
A Collective Procurement Project – this is already happening through the work of intern, Arjun Karavadra – in case you’ve missed the initial  information & survey, access it here

As soon as the Facebook is up-and-running we’ll be in touch and will keep you posted on the latest news! 

With very best wishes

The Derbyshire Voluntary Action Team