Free PPE and hygiene equipment

Derbyshire County Council has secured funding to assist vulnerable populations with obtaining resources to further reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases including coronavirus, norovirus, and others. Adherence to infection prevention control measures is lower in certain population groups, due in part to financial barriers to purchase basic supplies.

Derbyshire County Council currently hold supplies of disposable facemasks, hand sanitiser, liquid soaps, washing up liquid, kitchen/surface sanitiser, disposable cloths, household cleaning gloves, toilet cleaner, disposable bin liners and disposable aprons, along with an advice leaflet on how to use these safely and effectively.

If you work with people in Derbyshire who are struggling financially and may not be able to afford the products listed above, your organisation/group can apply to become a Trusted Partner to help distribute these resources.  If your application is approved, you will be able to place regular orders for the products required.

There is a simple online order system and Derbyshire County Council Logistics Hub will arrange to deliver your products to your specified destination ready for you to disseminate.

Order one months supply and then simply replenish your stock as required.

You will need to register here . Once your application has been reviewed by the panel, Derbyshire County Council will be in touch and if approved, they will send you the link to start placing your order and the products will be delivered to you.