Bolsover Social Connection Grants

Message from Connect Bolsover Social Connected Action Plan Forum 
If there’s one thing we all have learned from the pandemic it’s the value of social contact whether a simple hello in person to a physical hug, many people in our communities have not even spoke to anyone in person or virtually for months and have been very isolated. This is damaging to both mental and physical health. The Bolsover Social Connectedness Action Plan Forum (CBSCAPF) has been meeting throughout and working together to alleviate issues around this during the pandemic. We currently meet virtually and cover the whole area of Bolsover District. We are individuals, community groups, larger community organisations and statutory services. We welcome anyone to work with us (please contact at BCVS if you would like to be involved). The forum work together and cascade information including where and how to spend DCC Public Health money locally. We have been lucky to receive £12,000 for local spending from the Lloyds Community Foundation and are now looking to distribute this to local individuals and organisations for any activity that includes social contact from a get together of 1 to 1 in person, a virtual meeting/activity or an organisation providing a service/physical activity. Please click HERE to read the criteria and access a link to the application form (all activities must comply with Government Covid guidelines at time of provision). The grant monies will be distributed on a first come basis till the funding has been distributed. 

For more information contact Alison Hardman:  or 07923 256973