Borderline Arts Postcard Project

Borderline Arts focuses specifically on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). They use arts and creativity to raise awareness of this often misunderstood mental health conditionn and to tackle the stigma that surrounds it.

They have launched a postcard project and would like to invite anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder (anywhere in the world!) to join in with this new venture!

They are asking for participants to send them postcard-sized (150 mm x 105 mm, landscape) pieces of art created in any medium: pencil, paint, collage, photography etc. The artwork can be of anything at all, as long as it is a positive or neutral image, which is suitable to give as a ‘thank you’ gift!!

These postcards will be used in 2 ways:
Digital Montage: Photographs of these postcards will be compiled together as a digital wall montage on the Borderline Arts website, to showcase the artwork, promote you as artists and hopefully inspire others to also get involved!

Thank You Cards: Borderline Arts will use the physical copies of the postcards as thank you cards to give to those who support Borderline Arts. They hope that receiving a message written on a one-of-a-kind postcard created by someone with BPD will be really special for them to receive (and hopefully it will be special for you to have been part of that too!).

Visit to find out to take part.

Borderline Arts have lots of other exciting projects for Spring/Summer 2020, you can find out more HERE.