DVA Welcomes Juliet Grace as Deputy CEO & Operations Manager

Derbyshire Voluntary Action (DVA), a leading charity dedicated to supporting and empowering communities, and health and social care in Derbyshire, is delighted to announce the appointment of Juliet Grace as the new Deputy CEO & Operations Manager.

Juliet brings with her a wealth of experience from an environmental background, having served with distinction at the National Trust, The Fieldfare Trust, and Green Estate and collaborated with various groups and charities over her career. Renowned for her problem-solving prowess and arriving with an unwavering passion for contributing to the communities within Derbyshire, Juliet is committed to empowering local individuals to thrive through their involvement with the Voluntary Charity Sector (VCS).

Juliet Grace’s impressive career has been marked by transformative contributions to sustainability and conservation. During her tenure at Green Estate CIC, she spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at preserving natural landscapes, widening accessibility, and promoting environmental stewardship. Through her work with other trusts and charities, Juliet has further honed her expertise in community-driven approaches that prioritize the well-being of local residents. Juliet’s dedication to empowering communities is a perfect match for Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s core values. By embracing her leadership, DVA aims to continue its mission of providing support and resources to those in need, driving meaningful change across Derbyshire.

The appointment of Juliet Grace as Deputy CEO & Operations Manager at Derbyshire Voluntary Action signifies the organization’s commitment to fostering positive change and strengthening community bonds. Her remarkable passion for making a difference aligns seamlessly with DVA’s vision to create a thriving and inclusive environment for all Derbyshire residents. Her wealth of experience and collaborative spirit will undoubtedly inspire new and innovative strategies for community engagement and development.

“I am honoured and excited to join the exceptional team at Derbyshire Voluntary Action,” said Juliet Grace. “Together, we will work tirelessly to empower individuals and strengthen the social fabric of Derbyshire. I am deeply committed to fostering collaboration and inspiring local people to thrive through their involvement with the Voluntary Charity Sector. Together, we will make a positive impact on the lives of the communities we serve.”

Derbyshire Voluntary Action expresses its warmest welcome to Juliet Grace, confident that her appointment will catalyse fresh opportunities for growth and development. With her dynamic leadership and dedication, Derbyshire Voluntary Action is poised to embrace a future of even greater positive impact within the communities of Derbyshire.