St Thomas’ Church, Brampton

St Thomas’ Church in Brampton has benefitted from support from the Feeling Connected Fund, which has enabled them to deliver the ‘Time Together @thedoor’ project to give people the opportunity to meet up with others face to face to help avoid feelings of loneliness during the pandemic.

Jane Simmonds from St Thomas’ Church said: “In brief, Time Together @thedoor is designed to help people through 2021.  At a mutually agreed time (flexible and weather permitting), our volunteers visit for a chat, with ‘take-away’ teas or coffee for both themselves and those they are visiting. 

“Like so many other organisations, churches have also been affected financially as a result of the pandemic and having to close our buildings.  Receiving this Feeling Connected funding has meant that we could continue to offer support within our community and, whilst our wonderful volunteers give so generously of their time, it was important that we are able to fund takeaway teas and coffee. 

“The scheme is bridging a gap for those not yet happy or able to leave their homes, and continues to give a positive message and reminder between visits, through our ‘postcard ponders’ and small gifts, which we would not be able to provide were it not for the funding. 

“It is hoped that Time Together@thedoor, will soon evolve to Time Togther@thecafe, where our volunteers might well be able to accompany those who feel a little nervous about going to a café alone, making the benefits far more than a simple chat at the doorstep, but building confidence and working to minimise further isolation.”