Accessible and inclusive virtual community music group

Join us in our project to create an accessible and inclusive virtual community music group for Chesterfield and the surrounding area.

Open to everyone of all abilities – to sing, make music and perform together.

Our ensemble will consist of four sections:

  • Vocals – three part harmony (soprano, alto and tenor)
  • Instruments – whatever instrument you play or can make! We will be including links to making your own instruments out of household items or using free online apps.
  • Rhythm section – percussion of any kind.
  • Sign Language – for those who wish to take part using British Sign Language

 So, whether you are completely new to music, have some musical experience, or just want to try something new – Fusion Music is for you!

Fusion Music has been designed by Kakou CIC alongside Community Growth CIC as part of the Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership. We want to provide a fun, uplifting and creative way for community engagement with the arts during this time of lockdown.

Our Mission: to encourage and support singing and music making for people of all ages and experience so that they:

  • Learn to enjoy singing and performing
  • Develop musical skills and understanding
  • Experience the wider learning and developmental benefits that performing provides
  • Reduce isolation and experience long-term benefits to health and well-being

There are no auditions – learning materials are provided and weekly sessions will be delivered remotely, through online resources that enable people to explore music through performance, technology and composition.

The end goal is to produce a virtually-recorded performance featuring the Fusion Music Ensemble, representing the rich and diverse culture of the community of Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

Starting in September we will be releasing all the learning material for the song and start to hold the virtual rehearsal sessions.

For more information, or to express an interest in taking part visit –