Let’s Chat Derbyshire Indoor Campaign

As a result of the success of Derbyshire County Council’s Let’s Chat’ Derbyshire bench signs campaign an indoor version of the campaign has now been developed by our Mental health and Suicide Prevention Team. The indoor campaign is being rolled out in conjunction with Joined Up Care Derbyshire. Similar to the outdoor version the indoor campaign is aimed at encouraging people to connect and reducing social isolation through having conversations, as well as promoting information about mental health and wellbeing including support available.

The indoor campaign will run from November 2022 into 2023. Free online and physical resources will be available as part of the campaign and once again QR codes and weblinks will be used to signpost to further information. Resources planned include posters, window stickers, signs including for tables and a social media resource tool kit.

Derbyshire County Council Public Health would like to hear from any organisations and venues who are interested in participating in the indoor campaign. This includes from the public sector, community settings and big or small businesses, as well as any other places who would like to potentially take part. There is no finite list of locations but are Derbyshire County Council Public Health keen to encourage any area where there is footfall within Derbyshire.

Location could but are not limited to:

  • Workplaces
  • Shops
  • Café’s
  • Leisure centres
  • Food Banks
  • Waiting rooms
  • Offices
  • Public facing locations
  • Open public spaces

To express your interest please fill complete the hyperlinked form, or for further information please contact luke.oldham@derbyshire.gov.uk

Example of resources which will be available are below:

  • ‘A’ card stands which will go on tables, one for encouraging conversations, another offering support
  • Window stickers to offer a link to find support
  • Posters/ Flyers for putting up but also can be used digitally
  • Email banner for people to use