Mental Health Support Pack

With Derbyshire County Councils Warm Space initiative over recent months and increases in awareness raising events, hubs, food banks and community activism, Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s Mental Health Liaison Service thought it would be helpful to create a simple support pack, which provides information about mental health support, training and therapy services.

Rachel Bounds, who works on the Mental Health Liaison Service at Derbyshire Voluntary Action says, “more and more people are feeling comfortable opening up about their mental health, we hope this pack allows people to offer clear and simple ways to signpost to services.”

The pack includes guidance on how to respond in a mental health crisis, crisis and support helplines, as well as a number of QR codes and websites where you can find mental health related apps, services and training for adults, children and young people.

For Rachel “being kind doesn’t mean being clinical, and we cannot always prepare someone to manage and deal with difficult conversations, however, we do hope it is helpful in providing people with a starting point when supporting people with their mental health.”

Rachel also states, “we have already received a large number of emails saying how useful the pack has been, so it really highlights the need and significance of mental health services and voluntary sector providers.”

The support pack, which is currently digital, will hopefully be available in printed format soon, and people will be welcome to contact the team to arrange collection of some packs.

To access and download the digital version, please visit:

For more information, please email: or