Mentell Referral Pathway Now Open

Mentell has pledged to join forces with professionals, we know that come into contact with men who need a safe space to talk. So it’s time we gave you the tools to make a difference.  
The truth is for the majority of men who get signposted to Mentell, the worries, concerns and the fear of the unknown block the pathway to entering the service. As a team, we quickly learned that the most significant indicator of whether a man would enter the circle rests in a meaningful conversation. 

To put this into context, when a man receives a phone call from Mentell the likelihood of that man entering the circle jumps up to 67% compared to 23% without a call. 

For the very first time, you can now book a Mentell phone call on behalf of your client/service user/member of the public (with upfront permission) using a simple link below (Book Referral Call).

Book Referral Call

Please be sensitive…

The calls are there to be used to help men understand more about Mentell and how best to use the service. The 10-minute call is in no way set up for a crisis or 1:1 support  – any calls of that nature will be directed to Samaritans.

Support men in your community
Do you come into contact with men who would benefit from finding a safe and confidential space to talk, free from advice and judgement?

If the answer is yes, Mentell might be what your looking for.

Click the link to watch a short presentation to members of the NHS recently held by our Chair which shows how Mentell circles support men in all areas of life.

Every Monday 7-9pm

All new members must signup online via the Mentell Signup Link
No matter what background, race, religion or sexual preference you identify with, you will be welcomed with open arms.