Hope in Every Step Awareness Campaign

We wanted to reach out on behalf of Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SoBS) to ask for your support. We have embarked on a campaign for 100 days which started on the 3rd of June 2023 called Hope In Every Step. The challenge was to walk 100 million steps in those 100 days (ending on World Suicide Prevention Day) to raise awareness of SoBS and the support it offers people over 18 impacted by suicide.

Our campaign, Hope In Every Step has already surpassed our expectations, we have 914 people walking on an app called YuMuuv (a collective step counting app) with us and 1.3K people on the Facebook group sharing their experiences. To get involved all you need to do is download the app YuMuuv and register using code SO-BS-100, feel free to join our Facebook group specifically for Hope In Every Step here https://www.facebook.com/groups/131538489821488 and grab your free t-shirt here https://forms.uksobs.org/231363309420952 to help us spread the word! We would love it if you would consider joining us as a company on our campaign.
Initially we set out to walk 100 million steps in 100 days but it seems we have absolutely smashed this target with over 100 million steps walked, ran and danced over the past 2 weeks. It is with this incredible feat that we decided to increase the target for Hope In Every Step, we are pleased to announce that we are upping the target to 1 billion steps. The campaign has already surpassed our wildest dreams but we’re not done yet. Even though deep down it’s not about the steps, with 1 billion steps being our new target we’re hoping this will drive everyone on. If you’re interested we’d love you to join us and share the campaign with anyone and everyone who will listen.
If you have any questions, please do send me an email or give me a ring!

Phill Abbiss (He/Him/His)
Volunteer Coordinator (North)
07535 854 860/phill.abbiss@uksobs.org